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I offer best-in-class, end-to-end probate consultancy services at Charles A. Crocker’s law office. I am available to offer you the most professional support. I empathize with losing a loved one and the stress of getting the documents to transfer their estate (s). But, not to worry, Charles A. Crocker’s law office can assist you with searching and obtaining the necessary documents for transmitting the assets [real and personal] of a deceased person to named beneficiaries through executors or administrators. I provide the necessary asset information, apply to the appropriate courts, and obtain the necessary probate documents, such as shares, money, land, buildings, and other properties owned by the deceased loved one. My services include:

Letter of Administration / Probate of grants: Probate administration is transmitting the deceased assets to the beneficiary(ies).

Will Services: I provide expertise and advisory support in writing a Will and securing assets for the deceased’s family.

Consultancy Services: I provide professional advice and legal information required for the probate process. I am available to meet you.

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