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Transfer of Property

The legal term used to describe the act of transferring real property or title to a new owner is “conveyance.” Bundling these services allows you to only need to find, vet, and transact with one business when securing your assets from unnecessary liability. And maybe, more importantly, these services save investors some cash. You can always order all of the services “a la carte,” but a property transfer bundle saves money and magically simplifies the process.

At Charles A. Crocker’s law office, I take the wishes of the buyer and the seller and translate them into a legal document, usually a deed. In order to serve you optimally, I will need to determine:

  • What type of document is required for this particular transfer of property?
  • Who must sign?
  • How will the new owners hold the title?
  • Precisely what interests in the property are being conveyed?

I will draft the proper legal document and record the deed (or similar real estate document) with the correct state agency.

While the steps for property transfers are not so elaborate, various processes and costs are involved in transferring the title to real property. A one-stop-shop property transfer service handles everything you need to do to transfer your real estate, saving you time and money. You can look to me to secure maximum asset protection.

Transfer your property efficiently. Contact me today, and let’s get started!